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What We Do

Christian HomeCare Services, Inc. is a lifeline for families with older adults living in the Metro-East who are disadvantaged due to a variety of factors, including low-income, isolated location, scarcity of transportation, and lack of family and other natural support systems that ordinarily help navigate the complications of growing older.


With aging comes widespread fear of losing independence, identity and self-worth.  Recognition and encouragement of the value and usefulness of aging people is absolutely critical and is a function of the entire community.  Indeed, how we care for, treat, and respect our aging fellow citizens is an indication of the health of our society.


Christian HomeCare Services, Inc. fills a vital role for families, all of whom must manage aging issues in their families.  Maybe it's your mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister - whomever!  Whether it's by helping your father with non-medical in-home care; your aunt with rides to the doctor; or your mother with Medicare Part D - we fill a gap in services that allows older adults to remain independent and feeling in control of their own lives.



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